Truman McCaw is a young musician and songwriter who has rapidly made a name for himself in Northern Colorado. Primarily in the open-mic circuit, Truman is learning how to work as a professional musician. His primary influences are Isaac and Spencer Russell, Ed Sheeran, Jim Croce and Paul Simon. In spite of his boyish approach and his age, his followers see the work that he puts in and can sense his determination to grow as an artist. “It’s fun to see this kid on stage. I love that he has so quickly learned to overcome the initial nervousness that comes with performing live. And every time I suggest a way to improve his technique, he humbly implements it and I see it in his next performance. It’s a joy seeing Truman develop his talent.” — Carl, The Boot Bar and Grill, Open Mic, Director, Ft. Collins/Loveland Colorado.

Truman is an 8th Grader at Boltz Middle School in Ft. Collins, where he maintains a 4.01 GPA and is involved in several choirs under the direction of Donna Solverud. He also, assists in teaching guitar technique in the school’s guitar class.


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